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We are dedicated to patient education, excellent patient care, and direct personal attention to Patients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We care for all people, without regard to ethnicity or financial means, and treat each with the same high standard of care, with kindness and attention to detail. 
Dr. Jack Goldstein is Fellowship Trained in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, and specializes in Arthroscopy, Ligament Reconstruction of the Knee and Shoulder, Knee Replacement, Shouder Replacement, and Hip Replacement.  He treats fractures as well as General Orthopaedic problems. He has over twenty five years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.
Dr. Richard Baker is Board Certified in Podiatry and Foot and Ankle and Wound Care. He specializes in Diabetic Foot treatment as well as all Podiatry problems.


In a medical environment with increasing pressure on physicians to see more patients and spend less time on patient care, we do our best to maintain the highest quality standards possible.

Dr. Jack Goldstein has developed the patient information brochures within this site for common Orthopaedic Problems for his patients. It is hoped that making these available to the public will be helpful in bringing relevant Orthopaedic medical information to you.

Click on "Education" above to see a listing of the topics available.  Dr. Goldstein is dedicated to validated patient outcomes measures, and has developed software for data collection.


Ekiosk¬© used in his practice to track patient improvements and medical automation.  Please visit our Software Development Sites at www.automationmed.com and www.emedoutcomes.org.



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