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As a Consumer, you have choices of the Physician you see as long as you are not restricted by your "Insurance Carrier".  Please keep in mind that when you sign up for an Insurance Plan, you should be sure that your current doctors and anyone you might want to see are included on this Insurance "Panel" (Physicians allowed to see patients with that Insurance Coverage).  

When you call our office, you quickly reach a Medical Assistant who can schedule you quickly and in an appropriate fashion.  You will not reach a "Call Center".  You will not have multiple options on a Phone Menu, and if you do not speak to someone immediately, you will be called back quickly when you leave your number.

When you come in to see me, you do not see a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, you see me.

If you need to call after hours regarding an Emergency, you leave your number and I will call you a few minutes later.  You will not speak to a "Covering Physician" who does not know you.

There are few Independent Providers left.  Many Physicians have flocked to larger groups to supposedly lower overhead costs and share expenses.  It has been my unfortunate experience that this is simply a prescription for inefficiency and poor medical care.  








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